Pathfinders is a specialized company, a strategic partner of Quantum SCI, SA which operates in business areas such as:

Veículos de Investimento;
Client services.

The company aims to answer in a comprehensive and individually manner to different challenges and different needs of its Clients and provides a qualified tailor-made support, whether to private Clients or companies.

Its core values are integrity, transparency, confidentiality and professionalism.

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Pathfinders Services


Corporate Finance

To help to calculate the company's financing needs and capture the kind of appropriate capital to meet them


We are committed in understanding the dynamics of each business and its value drivers.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Promote transactions, which typically involves the raising of capital, to create, develop or acquire business.

Management Support

The needs of each project have a different matrix depending of their maturity stage. The type of support to be provided, also.

Debt Structuring

Financial restructuring.

Management Services

SManagement Services for non-residents.


Venture Capital Funds

Consulting on the assembly and operation strategy of Venture Capital Funds, as well as on the strategy for the allocation of the subsidiaries’ capital, both their own as external – Capital efficiency.

Real Estate Investment Funds

Consulting in the assessment of opportunities and benefits collected by the gathering and joint management of real estate assets by structuring and creating real estate investment funds with a financial partner authorized to engaged in this activity.

Special Investment Funds

Consulting on the assembly strategy and financial asset management structured in the form of Investment Funds, in addition to traditional financial assets. (Eg. art, economic rights, etc.).

Securitisation Funds

Consulting on the assembly and operation strategy for Securitisation Funds Management


Tax aid

Providing accounting and tax consulting services, through demanding professionals and based on high levels of accuracy and confidentiality.

Legal Advice

Supporting clients in their legal needs by providing them with the services of various partners ranging from a simple legal advice to much more complex issues.


They offer, through a selected partner, a wide range of Life and Non-life insurances to its clients.

Real Estate

In this area they have excellent partners to which they turn to in identifying and purchasing operations, sales or mere ratings/assessments (some of which are experts certified by CMVM).

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