We provide financial advising services to private and professional investors as well as eligible counterparties, predominantly in ongoing financial advising services, but also dedicated consulting or on a monthly fee basis.

Ongoing financial advising services are focused on the financial assets deposited in accounts held by Clients in several Financial Institutions, located in Portugal or abroad, in marketplaces with high tradition, solidity and procedures accuracy.


We first determine the investor profile in order to tailor the financial instruments to the characteristics and goals of each Client.

After the detailed investment proposal is explained to the Client and, only once the Client agrees, it will be implemented.

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The investment portfolio is monitored by us on a permanent basis, checking the validity of the premises on which our proposal was based, suggesting the adjustments that any changes in the environment made more advisable.

Markets are dynamic and their constraints and players change over time, this requires ongoing monitoring.

We will also do the compliance regarding the agreed contractual terms between the Client and the financial institutions in which the assets under Quantum SCI, SA financial consulting are deposited.

In the investment proposals we use all financial instruments that we find appropriate to the Clients’ profile and objectives.


Encourage the diversification of Clients’ assets for greater protection

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It is also our goal to promote the reduction of costs that financial Institutions charge to our Clients. This is achieved through partnership agreements and avoiding unnecessary rotations of Clients’ portfolios.

This is a major importance service nowadays, regarding the global markets turmoil affecting all asset classes as this situation has weakened many institutions and has caused severe damages to their Clients.

One way to protect the financial assets of our Clients is suggesting and presenting them (whenever we are asked to do so) to main Financial Institutions located in financial centres with tradition, credibility and transparency in the procedures.

We present investment solutions to protect our Clients from the risks that financial institutions may be exposed, often caused by exogenous factors to them.

To Clients requesting advisory services on more than one account, we provide a consolidated statement. This statement is prepared based on information provided by the financial institutions where the respective accounts are domiciled.

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Quantum SCI, SA is a Financial Intermediary registered with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), under number 364

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