Why Quantum SCI, SA?

Regarding the financial assets under our advising, we are focusing on their protection and return.

The increasingly feeling of insecurity and uncertainty leading to global financial markets turmoil, along with increasing complexity and conflicts of interests from most of market players, rises and sharpens our Clients concerns and anxiety.

Nowadays clients need to assess their financial institutions credibility and solidity; the level of technical expertise acquired to understand products, markets and operations but they lack the time and attention required to do so.

The fast pace of financial innovation and sophistication Clients could face in the search of financial assets returns, is still a disturbing element to the performance in today's securities markets.

At Quantum SCI, SA we are very rigorous finding answers to the constraints previously discussed. We are always searching the best solutions, based on trust principles and conservative business models. As a basic rule, we line up our work with the interests of Clients and we meet the specificities of each investor, offering them tailor-made solutions.

We seek at all times to promote excellence and independence in financial independent advising. We do not neglect the market analysis and we do it broadly and take into account the different types of financial instruments and legal and fiscal frameworks. We adjust ourselves to the investment goals and requirements of the provided services.

Accordingly to the previously operating principles, we promote assets diversification with robust and worldwide recognized institutions, established in developed markets and based in socio-political contexts of high institutional stability and financial tradition.

Therefore at Quantum SCI, SA, and as result of our Advising, we seek the diversification of financial assets by classes, adjusting the distribution profile to each client objectives, financial expertise, characteristics and goals. We try to maximize returns and efficiency through a careful asset allocation, while minimizing fees and avoiding unnecessary rotation of investment portfolios.

We promote a second double level of diversification: first, through different financial institutions with high capacity and worldwide credibility; secondly, by privileging financial markets locations with great tradition and recognized stability and prestige.

We also acknowledge that is not always easy for most investors to have a clear, comprehensive, deep and broad perspective of their financial assets as a whole, as well as the underlying risk. We therefore provide consolidated assets information of the advisory/consultancy assigned to us, allowing each Client to know what they have, where and how.

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As Financial Planners we might include other financial institutions with which we have been building lasting partnerships, based on mutual trust. We support the operating process of opening accounts, and monitor services and safety of operational levels.

We are, however, an independent company, so we assume full responsibility for our recommendations.

To be noted, in particular, Pathfinder Consulting, SA, a specialized company, strategic and equity partner of Quantum SCI, SA which operates in business areas such as Corporate Finance and Financial Consulting in general.

Pathfinder Consulting, SA aims to answer in a comprehensive and individually manner to different challenges and different needs of its Clients and provides a qualified tailor-made support, whether to private Clients or companies. Its core values are integrity, transparency, confidentiality and professionalism.


Ensure a diligent management and support for your investments and the search for a suitable return!



Quantum SCI, SA is a Financial Intermediary registered with the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM), under number 364

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